Cats and Dogs

I don't have a dog YET. (gaahhh I want one so bad. can I have one?) But I have experienced the cats stealing my bed. They like to lay right in the middle, next to the pillow. I often end up carefully inserting myself in between the cats and going to sleep in the most awkward of positions.

Cats, man.


  1. These are the cutest... really...

  2. Also, you are the alpha of this clowder (thx google) -- push those spoiled cats to the side and make them spend 5 seconds resituating.

    Dogs (as you know) are more work than cats, and considering how you do things (e.g. homemade cat food), it would be like, two 2 hour walks a day, trips to the groomer, play dates with other dog children, training time, photo sessions, auditions, sitting in Santa's lap etc. So, you can get a dog when you have someone to share the burden, like BF or mama. :P (You asked!)

    1. Yes, of course. For starters, I'm going to need to buy a house. So yeah, this isn't happening any time soon.

  3. I'm abandoning a puppy on your porch tonight.


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