Things That Made My Week

photo via studded-hearts

There's nothing worse than weekend plans getting crushed, amirite? I was going to go to Festival Supreme (put on by the best band in the world -- Tenacious D). But... thiiiiinggs came up, and now I am heading up North on Saturday morning. Silver lining: quick stop for a bang trim at Dante's. :)

Here are some things that brightened my week:
- and i am not ashamed to admit i watched this video 4 times
- getting one of my holy grails: the perfect leather jacket
- another wes anderson movie! (via phil)
- the crazy story behind Maroon 5's iconic album cover
- stumbling on a goldmine of makeup/hair advice (that i probably will never use :)
- don't click if you're scared of heights

What are YOU up to? I hope you're not going to Festival Supreme orimighthavetokillyou. Have a great weekend!! xo
my short keep-it-in-perspective song for the week


  1. I'll add my favorite cat gif of the week, thanks to /r/aww, which you probably shouldn't click if you want a dog.

    This weekend? Internship applications, networking project, and making up for a dearth of sleep this week.

    1. Is that a fucking bear? It looked kind of like a dog at first, but then the paws! Here's the full video (for my dad).

      I hear ya on sleep. Fortunately I made up for my lack of sleep this morning. I slept in until 9 and rolled in to work 1.5 hours late. Oops. Where are you applying to intern?

    2. And since we're on the topic of cats and bears, I found two more gems:
      - this had the funniest comment. "These people seem oddly confident that their cat won't get eaten..."
      - this is from Russia (with copious Russian swearing, which is hilarious in and of itself).

    3. Oh my gosh, I think the second bear was trying to get honey out of that cat's ear. I kept waiting for it to bite down just a little too hard.

      For internships, I've applied at a few places around here as well as Google, Apple, Dropbox, and other Silicon Valley companies (and SpaceX, how could I not?). I feel way too inexperienced, but oh well, they're getting my resume :).

  2. Love gifs. Kid going in the pool was perfection. A lot of good ones here I'm making my way through:

  3. Oh and a favorite from recent months:

    Bears and cats seem to come up a lot.


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