Good Book

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Last weekend I started reading this book called The Psychopath Test. En route up North to visit my brother, I pulled out my kindle as soon as I got settled on the plane. And from page one, I was hooked. It was so fascinating that I hardly minded the 2 hour flight delay.

I'm almost finished with it now, but I'm looking forward to the author's segments on This American Life. (Here's just one of many.) Apparently he has a very mesmerizing voice. If you're looking for a book to read and don't mind non-fiction, I highly recommend this book. It's funny, and informative, and definitely attention-grabbing (even for somebody who is easily bored like me - the 3rd item in the psychopath checklist :).

Have you read any good books lately? I get a lot of great suggestions from this lovely lady.


  1. Thank you for the tips Olga! Ps. if you ever need a designer for that idea that you were talking about, I am always in!


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