It's OK

it's OK!
chatting with parents sat morning

(I am going to say it. I'm sick of having yellow walls. If you get the urge to paint your tiny kitchen-that-already-gets-a-ton-of-light the color of a caution sign, I implore you to reconsider. Please, look into a less ridiculous color. How about eggshell white? Or light gray?)

I've been wanting to acquire this banner for a while. I thought I'd get around to making it one of these days months years. Alas, two years later and in need of a daily reminder, I broke down and ordered it. (I'm sure my mom is dying of embarrassment that I publicly admitted paying $68 for something she would've made in 10 minutes flat.)

It was totally worth it. I love seeing it when I'm stumbling into the kitchen to feed the cats in the morning, when running out the door without breakfast, when turning on the light after coming home from work late (again).

P.S. Speaking of art, did you guys hear that 20x200 is coming back? I am patiently waiting for them to reopen so I can have more grown-up walls.


  1. I'm telling you, I'm relinquishing any notion that I'm a DIY-er. It's just a sad truth.

    1. Hah! I hear ya. Maybe it's time I embrace my non-DIY-ness also.


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