Jugglers Take SF

10 year anniversary

('Tis the day of bad quality photos.)

When I was in SF last weekend, Vova and I got to meet up with some of our oldest friends. We met them at IJA '03 (a jugglers' convention) a few days after arriving in the US. That was a confusing time in my life. And I've been pretty successful at forgetting especially painful parts of it. (Choking on stage at that convention being just one of those painful experiences.)

Thankfully, meeting people like Selby, her parents, and other incredible people in America, remained one of the only shining lights of hope through the time when everything else seemed out of reach and hopeless. I know I sound pretty dramatic, and while I love to exaggerate, I'm really not here.

We had a lovely dinner reminiscing, and laughing about things that certainly weren't funny 10 years ago. Makes me wonder what we'll be laughing about 10 years from now. :)