Goodbye, Pagoda

I just found out Kumar Pallana, the actor who played one of my favorite characters in The Royal Tenenbaums, died last week. Did you know that he owned an Indian restaurant (that Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson frequented) when he was cast in Bottle Rocket? What a cool life!

I'm sad that he won't be appearing in any future Wes Anderson films. :( But there is still Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, and The Darjeeling Limited. I think a viewing of one of those is in order this week.

from the royal tenenbaums soundtrack


  1. The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my top films. Soooo sad :(!

    1. Have you seen any of the other movies Pallana was featured in? I haven't, but I've been meaning to. I'm sure they're the perfect mix of melancholy/playful. :)

      Let's do it!

    2. Let's do it! Gah, let's watch royal tenenbaums together, too!


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