Dainty Ring

Found: another perfect dainty ring!

On most days I only wear this beaut. I absolutely adore it. But I recently got JZ hooked on stackable rings, and have been doing a little research for her (bahahaha).

I literally groaned when I saw this pop up on Of a Kind yesterday. How cool is this tiny band? Perfectly thin, rose gold, five teeny champagne diamonds. Champagne diamonds? Are you kidding me? If this has any chances of bumping me to a sophistication level of a champagne drinker, I'm game.

P.S. The original dainty ring find.
P.P.S. CatbirdZoe Chicco, and Steven Alan are some other places to look, if you want to torture yourself are in the market.


  1. Love that you are doing research for me! Keep them coming! So many options!

  2. I died when I saw that tooooooo! If only I had $400 to spare.


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