The Coolest Cake

They Are Coming

I made the coolest cake the other day (said the baker to herself :). It had deliciously fudgy chocolate layers and chocolate buttercream filling. It tasted really good, no doubt. But that's not what made it the coolest.

It was for my friend's alien-obsessed son's birthday. While the layers and frosting were really simple (deb's recipe), I had the hardest time coming up with how to decorate a birthday cake for a boy. Then it dawned on me: aliens.

They Are Coming

And that's how this gem came about. (That alien head is was totally freehanded with a piping bag. The drawing practice is already coming in handy. :)

cake and ice cream


  1. You just had to post about chocolate cake on the one day that I couldn't get it out of my head. Looks delicious, great looking cake, babeh!

    1. Oh, babe. I totally owe you a cake. :(

    2. Yesh! :( Those cinnabon things you are making this weekend look so amazing! Great find.

  2. That's cute :)

    (But they are already here.)


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