Photos from Last Weekend


As I mentioned earlier, I visited my brother in Sunnyvale last weekend. I flew into Monterey. It was gorgeous, but I was too absorbed in my book to take any photos. But I did take some while we were hanging out, if you'd like to see...

Dish N Dash

Indian summer was in full swing that Saturday. So, we went over to Dish N Dash for the coolest drinks and lunch. (Vova and I got pretty tame drinks, but Forrest went all out and got this mango yogurt, which was thick and yummy.)

Dish N Dash

I think the Bay area has the best food. I'm sure LA has great food too, but there's too much traffic to actually try any of it.


I arrived Saturday at noon, and left early the next morning. It was brief, but very sweet. I was sad to leave. And I think Vova was too; given that he refused to drive faster than 45 mph on our way back to the airport. :)


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