Things That Made My Week

This week hasn't been nice to me. (Got sick, lost my sunglasses, found out my new retainer is worse than my old one, wahhhwahh.) But on a positive note, LA has been killing it with weather lately. It's like not actually cold, but cold enough for socks and birks and beanies. Best part of the week, obvi.

But here are some things that I'm grateful for this week:
- an awesomely fun weekend with friends, and wearing sandals in sf
- these words
- jay-z and his brand drops
- finishing an "impossible" ticket at work
- anna's hauntingly beautiful photos of fall in norway
- this photo combining my two loves
- nailing the art of taking a nap at my work desk
- corn dogs
- kids' reaction to healthy halloween treats

Any plans for the weekend? Decorating for halloween? Stocking up on candy? I'm going to practice making frosting roses on top of cupcakes. :) Have a relaxing weekend!

a dance-y song to start off your weekend