Project: Learning to Draw

this one is called "waiting" :)

A couple of weeks ago I decided I'm going to learn how to draw. Enough is enough, I have been wallowing in my non-artistic misery far too long. Wahh wahh, I can't draw.

I've always been annoyed at people who say I can't do math. And, totally hypocritically, I've been insisting that I cannot draw for longer than I can remember.

I think this goes back to having to take required art class every year in Russia. The teacher never failed to tell me how much I sucked at it. So, of course, I had my mom do my take-home projects, and stuck to the classes that I was good at.

Now, when you look at this first picture I drew, you might say. Yeah, you really can't draw. And you're right! But I'm going to take a few minutes every day to practice, and see how I improve over time. Until next time!


  1. not pictured: goat, wolf, cabbage.

  2. Hahhahahaahh. This is your first funny comment, anonygerbil. Keep it up and you'll get a cookie.

    1. Why would I want a cookie from you when I have 6,498,708,396,807,706 of them?

  3. Pick up Drawing on the Right Side of the brain and you will learn drawing in no time :)


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