23andme box 

After reading this and this, I decided to purchase a 23andMe kit. Just shipped it off yesterday, so no results yet. But I can tell you with certainty that gathering the required amount of saliva was disgusting.

I read that they require a lot of spit to make it almost impossible to procure somebody else's saliva without their permission. But I thought it was still going to be cake for me. (My brother and I are chronic droolers, and I'm told by dentists that I have excessive saliva. TMI?) It doesn't seem like much when you first look at the vial you have to fill, but it took me a couple of (very long and gross) minutes. 


  1. Ha! Another chronic drooler here... I've gone a few years without incident, but I still try to be mindful of myself if I'm dozing off in class.

    1. Hahah! YES! Droolers unite.

      Funny story: Vova and I were sitting in a waiting room of some government building in Moscow (I believe). We were both tired as shit, and kept falling asleep. I wake up and Vova is slumped in the chair next to me with a continuous drool string starting at his lower lip and ending on his stomach, with a sizable pool of saliva forming on his shirt. This was before cell phone cameras (at least in Russia), but it was picture-perfect.

  2. Thank you for not including a picture of the filled vial; your narrative is quite sufficient.

    Be sure to tell us what percentage Neanderthal you are. :)

    I'm reminded of an episode of the Sarah Silverman Program. (Warning: stupid and offensive, praise her). http://www.comedycentral.com/episodes/fgtbop/the-sarah-silverman-program-the-mongolian-beef-season-2-ep-208


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