Best Friends

How cute is this short? I love the bit about trying to expand your social circle. So true.

I'm no movie critic, but Lena Durham reminds me a lot of Wes Anderson. I haven't seen much of her, but Tiny Furniture had something Wes-Anderson about it, and so does this video. 

Also, I didn't realize it at first, but the clothes featured here are from Rachel Antonoff's Fall 2013 collection. Here is the lookbook, if you're interested. My favorite piece is the coral shirt (video | lookbook). I wish all designers did these short-movies to showcase their clothes! So neat!

PS. I know this is two youtube videos in two days. But you know what? I'm just going to embrace my lack of creativity this week.
PPS. I want a best friend. :(


  1. Will you be my best friend, Olga?

    1. Don't be silly, Anon. REVEAL YOURSELF!

      (Are you a girl by any chance?)

  2. The short was hilarious and prompted me to check out Tiny Furniture, which I really liked, so thank you! I was reminded of the characters in Freaks and Geeks when I watched it, even though they're much younger.

    In regards to your lack of creativity, I have a feeling you would like The Creative Habit. It's written from a superstar choreographer/dancer's perspective, but the ideas can be applied to anything. I should actually reread it because I can barely remember the details.


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