Things that Made My Week

photos of Buster via tumblr

Happy Friday! How was your week? Any exciting weekend plans? I'll be doing my taxes. I know, I'm super jazzed.

My friend, JZ, is heading to Japan. She got funding to go to a conference there to shrink some heads. (No? :) I'm so proud, jealous, excited and anxious for her. Safe travels and safe returns!

Here are some things that made my week:
- getting compliments on my mini wedges (on sale!)
  and my little brush that works wonders on suede
- this sweet duet
- laughing at Moos when she pulled one of these.
  she was trying to jump on the kitchen counter. serves her well
- this hilarious video (via phil)
- tap class (and my beige taps)
- chicken dance compilation (can you tell I'm getting excited for May?)
- Forrest saying my name (and scaring the shit out of me) as I was walking up to my apartment last night.
  I was beyond surprised. Well done.
- CAT VIDEO (via Forrest)

Hope you have a fun weekend!


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