A Case for Candles

photos via west elm

I've never been into candles and candle accoutrement. I think the smell is usually too strong for me. But a few months ago I spotted this wax melt contraption at a friend's house. It had intricate cutouts all around the sides, so the soft glow of the tea-candle was cast in the loveliest of ways. It was beautiful (and smelled woodsy)! It had me warming up to the whole candle thing, for sure.

Her wax warmer (what's the proper name for it?) is vintage, but that didn't stop me from seeking out my very own. A lot of them look super cheesy, but I found this number (on amazon of all places), and I love it. I've been lighting it when I play the piano. It totally gets me in the zone; I feel like Chopin himself playing by the candlelight on an electric piano, with headphones on, and a lamp turned on behind me.

Recently, these porcelain hurricanes caught my eye. Don't they look modern (as modern as a candle implement can look)? I'm seriously considering getting the smallest size to put in the bathroom. But if I had a patio, I'd be getting the large ones for all the outdoor parties I'd be hosting. (Ha!)

Here are some more options: lavender swoon, colorful, for candle-averse (read: Sue).

PS. I use these tea-candles (which were rated the best by Real Simple) and these wax melts. But I can imagine verbena melts are incredible.


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