Watch Lust

I've worn the same $20 (on sale at Big 5) Timex watch (this oneon me) since high school. The only time I take it off is for ballet. Like any avid watch wearer, it throws me off if I've accidentally forgotten to put it back on after class.

My watch has been through 2K+ showers, a lot of dishwashing, 541 days of cats having it out with the poor thing. The silver paint is long gone, the watch strap keeper was chewed off by a puppy I was dog-sitting a while back, the watch strap itself has my cats' teeth marks all over it. Despite my mom's efforts to fashion something out of thread to keep the strap from flailing around, it's a lost cause.

There are many options for a new watch out there. Pebble is an obvious choice, Basis is another. I have a couple of problems with both of those. 1) It just doesn't look good; 2) you have to take it off to take a shower; 2) it needs to be charged at least once a week. Granted, my current watch is no fashion accessory (see here), but at least it's cheap.

I think I'm just going to get a replacement watch strap keeper and see how much longer it will serve me. But how stylish is this watch? It has that oversized-yet-simple, slightly androgynous look. Would look sexy with an off-white silk shirt. I love that they omitted the second hand. I know digital watches are way more practical. This one has no backlight and I'll never know what date it is! How will I live? Sigh. What we wouldn't do for fashion.

You can get it here or here. And here's a review of this beauty.

 PS. I am secretly in love with this mustard version. Though getting that would kind of defeat the purpose of getting a grown-up watch.


  1. It's pretty, but between the leather and the delicate little connection/stress points, how long would it last as as an Olga's-Lifestyle-Wear-All-The-Time watch? Your timex is much more durable and look at it. No, I think something like is better. I call your overpriced watch and raise! I don't even wear a wrist watch. I have a pocket watch, also known as my cell phone. But yes you need to get a new watch.

    1. Holy balls. I fold. That's one expensive watch.

      But yeah, I agree. The UniformWares watch is definitely not an everyday kind of watch. I can just imagine myself changing out of UW to Timex when I get home. Comical.

  2. The Pebble doesn't need to be taken off in the shower, pool or otherwise. It's waterproof at that pressure/depth.

    1. Ah! Yes. Thanks for correcting me. I must be remembering an outdated answer to that question in their FAQ.


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