Staying Warm

photo via phil webster via baguettemenots (how hilarious is that tumblr?)

The two times that I've skiied in my life, I borrowed other people's clothes. I am not about to rough it in not-at-all-waterproof khakis like, my friend, Forrest. So, in anticipation of the upcoming ski trip to Tahoe, I did a little bit of ski-clothes shopping.

merino shirt: patagonia | insulated ski pants: patagonia | gloves: outdoor researchcashmere hat: everlane

The ski pants and gloves were non-negotiable, another baselayer was a nice-to-have. And I've actually had the beanie for a while now. I'm just excited to be able to wear it again since LA decided it was summer about a week ago.

It's only Tuesday and I'm already packed. Zoinks!


  1. What happened to the red beanie? Expelled from the Zissou Society?!

    1. Hahahahahah! Nope. The red beanie I have is just too thin! The J.Crew cashmere beanie sold out before I got to it. Now I have to wait for next season to get an appropriately warm zissou-red beanie.

      I wish Everlane had brighter colors. :(


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