Fun Movie Challenge

Can you guess which movie each of these tiles represents?

If you can, you should enter the Eat|See|Hear contest for the 2013 season pass! I'm terrible at this challenge. But I work with a bunch of movie-nerds, and they were able to guess a lot of movies I've never even heard of. Are you going to try it?

I'm definitely going to try to make it to June 8th, July 13th and July 20th (if they are what I think they are). I cannot, for the life of me, figure out July 27th. I guessed Super Troopers and Anchorman and was wrong both times. 

Food trucks, music, and movies! Eat|See|Hear looks like fun. JZ? Date night in Santa Monica?


  1. July 27th looks like Wilford Brimley to me. Cocoon?

    1. Ha! I definitely see the resemblance. The guy who has the answers left for the day, but I'll ask tomorrow.


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