Things That Made My (Last 3) Week(s)


How have you been? My Friday posts have escaped from me the last couple of weeks. So, this week's post contains triple the happiness.

- the little something-something I got in the mail
- The Onion's hilarious tweet and this response to The Onion's apology
- a dad's sweet sandwich bag drawings for his kids' lunches
- a live feed of an 80 year old pitch drop experiment
- HN parody thread and the thread on the parody thread
- planning a backpacking trip to Big Sur
- this goat video, especially the last goat (via joanna)
- endeavour! seeing it actually made me a little teary :)
- my new favorite programming music playlist (via HN)

As I mentioned previously, I am going to Lake Tahoe this weekend! I am thrilled to get to ski again. Been wearing my beanie non-stop since yesterday in preparation. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Haha! I always enjoy that cat photo! Makes me think a little bit about you and Tigger - and the screaming goats are hilarious. Have a wonderful weekend! For my weekend I've scheduled thesis writing and shopping. Wish I could go skiing in stead :P

    1. Anna! I will take shopping in NYC over skiing any day! Now, thesis writing...oof dah. What are you writing about?

    2. I'm writing about how compensation affects motivations of IT employees. A very interesting topic, although also somewhat theoretical.

  2. Good stuff, Olga. People crying racism on that Onion tweet was obnoxious. One person tweeted something like "Would this happen to a white girl like Dakota Fanning?" and I thought, great example, pretty much exactly the same thing happened to Dakota Fanning at least once. . Perhaps not as vulgar, but welcome to the Onion. They tweeted within a day of Jobs dying. Anyway ...

    Here's a puppy that sounds like a puppy. I have some good goat videos in my favorites too but between that puppy video and Lake Tahoe you are gonna get spoiled.

    And because its hard to ignore your direct questions, I am going to a basketball game tomorrow. Its a big game, senior night, last home game, and it pretty much decides whether we make the NCAA this year (since UCLA stole Shabazz from us).

    Have a blast at Lake Tahoe! I wonder who will take better pictures, Olga or Forrest? (Competitive people are so easy to manipulate -- now I'm assured of many good pictures on Flickr).

    1. Oh, Kevin You don't say when you are manipulating people! You just do it.

    2. Also, Forrest filled up the space on his computer with photos. His SD cards have been full for a while now. So, to take a photo he has to go through whatever is on his card and delete at least one. That's an O(n) operation. I can take a photo in constant time. If I don't end up with better photos, that would just be pathetic.


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