Things That Made My Week

photo via wildlywanderlust

Why a photo of a goat (is it a goat?) wearing a flower-crown? I just don't know. Felt like it.
How is it going? Things are shitty on this end. But maybe it'll get better.

In case I'm not clear, my week wasn't happy. Here are some things that made it better:
- YC demo day bingo (via hn)
kid court
- not gonna lie, this is another cat link
- you know how when you open a new Finder window and it goes to All My Files?
  yeah, I finally got rid of that slow shit (you should too!)
- learned how to pronounce szechuan for real
- brief chat with JZ from Japan
  she wants a burger and misses her boyfriend
  just thought I'd update everyone

Hope your week was better than mine!

in the spirit of Easter, here is a beautiful, sad, sort-of religious song written by a non-religious person


  1. We all know this is how you ACTUALLY pronounce Szechuan:

  2. Olga, you clearly want me to paste some goat videos. Just say so!

    1. YES! I'm pretty sure a bouncing goat falling off the bed just made today 100 times better.

  3. "All My Files" is the worst. Whenever I set up or work on Macs for other people I go in and change the default to their home folder. Also essential:
    - Enabling tap to click
    - Unhiding the library with "chflags nohidden ~/Library"
    - Unchecking the Translucent menu bar option
    - Hiding the dock
    - Downloading Secrets and setting the dock appearance to 2D Black
    - Unchecking "Play feedback when volume is changed" (shift-volume change temporarily re-enables feedback)

    1. I agree with most of these. (Especially the last one! I disable other playing feedback options also.) I don't mind that the Library folder is hidden though. Whenever I need to access something in the Library directory, I'm using command line anyway.

      And most people really have no business going into the Library folder. Like, if my grandma saw that there was a folder named "Library", she'd probably think it's like a collection of her files or something.


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