Tap Dance

I'm starting a tap dance class next week! Just once a week for now, and we'll see how it goes. Got my tap shoes in the mail recently, and I cannot stop tapping and doing jazz hands in the kitchen (much to my neighbors' dismay).

I decided on these Bloch tap shoes, except I screwed up and ordered tan instead of black. Only realized my mistake when I tore open the box. I'm pretty sure I'll be the only person in the class with tan shoes, but what the heck. I'll just pretend I'm going for the bare tapping feet look and embrace it.


  1. Neat. In addition to 2 ballet classes/week? Was tap class a recent impulse?

    I think you should impress your ballet teacher by interspersing some improv tap moves into ballet class.

    1. Or impress your tap teacher by interspersing some improv ballet moves into your tap class. :-)

    2. Sorry, Dad. Doing tap moves in ballet is funnier. (Mainly because there is ballet in tap all over the place.)

    3. In addition to ballet, yes. I wish I could take more ballet, but the studio that I really love focuses on classes during the day, so there is really not much else I can do besides private lessons.

      I used to do tap, and I've always loved it. So, it has always been in the back of my head as an option though I never wanted to commit to another pair of dance shoes. But here I am!


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