Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Endian/Big Endian and Mantissa

I had a dream about coding in Assembly last night. There were little and big endians dancing around on the tables and swinging around their mantissa.
I had a great time with my pledge sisters tonight. We just hung out and watched Role Models. (It was really good, by the way!) I finally turned in my Outdoor Leadership Training application. It was due today and I slipped it under the door at 11 tonight. I hope they call me back for an interview. Doubt it.

I'm going to sleep before midnight. Woo hoo! Oh, and I love this girl. I love it at 0:10 when she starts smiling.

Makes me want to dance! 10 days until Beth comes!

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  1. Maybe someday I'll earn my own Kobe labeled blog post someday. In the meantime, some reciprocity:

    Favor * iScratchYourBackYouScratchMine(Favor * yourBackScratch )
    goodDeedsArray.push( yourBackScratch );
    Favor * myBackScratch = new Favor;
    return myBackScratch;