Busy Body Bonita

I see that book at work every day. That's what came to mind when I tried to think about how I feel.
I am super, super busy. School, work, swimming, ballet. It's all really exciting but exhausting at the same time. I love swimming! I did so well that they promoted me to intermediate. I finally learned how to properly swim freestyle. I'm not very good at breathing at the right time but I got the arm movements down. It wasn't easy. I found that as soon as your head is under the water all the thinking goes out the window. Today we learned breast stroke. I can do the legs and arms separately well, but I can't get the timing right when I put them together.

Needless to say ballet is by far the best thing I've done for myself since the last performance. I love it. The instructor is a little wacky, we dance to contemporary music. We did our petite allegro to some sped up remix of Superstitious by Stevie Wonder. That was so cool. I had a lot of fun. It also kicked my ass. My legs, calves and back are sore, but it's good sore.

School is a little overwhelming. My professors for ee and cs are awesome. More about them later. Sleep now. Peace!


  1. "Драмкружок, кружок по фото,
    А ещё мне петь охота,
    За кружок по рисованью
    Тоже все голосовали."


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