To Shower or Not to Shower {no!}

I've always thought showers were a waste of time. I remember when I was little I would only wash my hair maybe a couple of times a week. (Correct me if I'm wrong, mom and dad.) So, holding my arms up near my head for an extended period of time while washing my hair every single day sounds awful. So when I would ask myself to shower or wear a hat I would choose the latter. I also happen to think that I look STUNNING in hats.
Also, I've noticed that my most brilliant thoughts hit me as soon as shampoo hits my eyes. Mostly for my CS projects, but also some random personal discoveries. I've decided to research why that is a couple of weeks ago and voilà, there is an actual explanation. 

So, anyway, my goal this quarter is to take a shower every single day. So far I've been successful in my endeavor. I will be reporting on how I'm doing.

OFF-TOPIC: Mama and I were doing a crossword puzzle while we were waiting for the plane. One of the words we didn't know was the word for fear of number 13. That same question came up in the trivia game when I flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles. I wrote it down. The word is triskaidekaphobia!


  1. Triskaidekaphobia не переводится на русский одним словом. Оно так и переводится как "страх перед числом тринадцать". :-)

  2. Haha! That's funny. Well, just try трискадекафобиа


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