I have yet another CS project due on Tuesday, a CS midterm on Wednesday and another CS project due next Tuesday. He said that if we don't have about 1/3 of the second project done by Wednesday, the day of our midterm, we will not finish it. WHAT?! Did he mean that we have to finish the project that is due this coming Tuesday and get started on the next one right away the day before the midterm? This man is crazy!

I have a Greek Week gala to attend on Monday and a million PRBs to do too. (I'm excited,  but it takes away from my programming time.)

One quote comes to mind: "I have a belly full of white dog crap, and now you lay this shit on me?" (Step Brothers, an epic movie if you ask me.)
I am just about finished with my ee homework that is due on Monday and I'm going out with a few phi sigma rhos to dinner tonight! I feel excited and accomplished today.