Tuesday, Feels like a Friday

Maybe it's because I had a shit load of work to do the past week. It all started with a CS midterm last week and ended with a CS project tonight. Barry and I pretty much spent the entire day today programming. Time flies when you code. Seriously, you feel like you have so much time and it shouldn't take you that long but then 6 hours goes by and you've only written one function. I fell asleep on the couch last night working on it. 

I had to skip ballet today because I had so much more to do. I'm a free person now making up for dance I missed today by dancing for my roommates who would rather me not dance.
I have an Anthro midterm tomorrow, but that doesn't even count as anything. I am stretching on the floor and doing what feels like leisurely reading for the class. I love reading about this stuff. It's like something I would read outside of school. Living the a life of an Anthropology major. I have to say, it's pretty chill.

I'm not sure what I was going for in this picture, but I have a pretty strict first-picture-taken-is-the-picture-going-up policy. (That is unless an Act of God is involved, such as a gust of wind.) It's more fun that way.
Things I'm looking forward to: seeing David Sedaris and swim class tomorrow, ballet and date night party on Thursday, Triangle frat quarterly and Theta Xi quarterly on Friday, hike and maybe hang gliding this weekend! Yeayo!