More on Isla Vista

It was awesome. I did procrastinate on my cs project a bit but it was totally worth it. I got to hang out with all these cool people AND sleep in a sleeping bag. Amanda Camarillo (she is related to the person who owned the land where Camarillo is now!) drove Jessica, Sean and I
from Cal State Channel Islands to Isla Vista. It was a pleasant and gorgeous drive. The fact that I got to see a Patagonia store from the highway was just icing on the cake.

When we got to UCSB we got a parking pass that was specifically for the juggling convention. The picture is a little blurry but you can tell if you look closely at the lower left corner.

I had an unpleasant encounter with a hobo at the park where we had lunch. Thankfully our group was close by and I was able to avoid punching him in the face. This is me and the group after the encounter watching him from under the table.

The show was really good, I thought. Jeff (Daymond?) cancelled on them a few days before the show, but the mcs did a good job. Matt and David were the mcs and I saw a lot of Tenacious D influence in them. Matt was Kage and David was the Jables characters. It was great. I told David they should do "The Club of Destiny" parody.

Elyse and Renee were awesome! They juggled, they did acrobatics, they unicycled and they're smart too. Elyse is going to UCLA in the fall and I'm super psyched to have her around. Maybe Jessica will visit me more too. Here is a picture of (clockwise from the top) Amanda, Elyse, Jessica and me.

I like this one too. We look so happy!

Sunday was Easter and we even had an easter egg hunt. My first ever. I made sure to make up for all of the ones that I had missed. I looked inside the eggs and if there were crappy candy I gave them to kids. I kept the ones with chocolate. If there was chocolate and jelly beans I would consolidate all the jelly beans in one egg and all the chocolate in the other and gave the jelly bean one to the kids. I got a CREAM EGG in one! I know. I'm a bastard. That's OK. They have many more ahead of them. I'm done.

The drive back was, again, beautiful. The weather cooperated too. (I had only brought shorts.) It took us 2 hours to get from Isla Vista to UCLA. That's with a stop at a drug store to get road trip food{!} and a stop in Camarillo to drive the remainder of the trip with Jessica. Jessica and Amanda are, by the way, awesome drivers. I didn't feel stressed or scared for a second and I'm easily scared on the road.

Here is a picture of our road trip food. The cookies that Jessica got were delish. I am still saving the two that she traded me for my Ginger Lemon cremes.
Ah! It was awesome. One of the most fun juggling conventions I've gone to. I got to hang out with people I rarely get to hang out with, juggle a bit, eat lots of junk food, have a little road trip, even get a new crush. Thanks to everybody who made it awesome, everybody who was taking pictures and especially Jessica without whom I would have spent my weekend at the computer programming! Thank you!


  1. Спасибо за рассказ!
    Hey, зависать на жонглёрских фестивалях тебе нравится больше, чем программировать. Задумайся об этом. :-)


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