Little Endian/Big Endian and Mantissa

I had a dream about coding in Assembly last night. There were little and big endians dancing around on the tables and swinging around their mantissa.
I had a great time with my pledge sisters tonight. We just hung out and watched Role Models. (It was really good, by the way!) I finally turned in my Outdoor Leadership Training application. It was due today and I slipped it under the door at 11 tonight. I hope they call me back for an interview. Doubt it.

I'm going to sleep before midnight. Woo hoo! Oh, and I love this girl. I love it at 0:10 when she starts smiling.

Makes me want to dance! 10 days until Beth comes!


  1. Maybe someday I'll earn my own Kobe labeled blog post someday. In the meantime, some reciprocity:

    Favor * iScratchYourBackYouScratchMine(Favor * yourBackScratch )
    goodDeedsArray.push( yourBackScratch );
    Favor * myBackScratch = new Favor;
    return myBackScratch;


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