This is what it feels like to be a CS and E major sometimes.
I had a tiny piece of the project left to do tonight. Seriously, it should have taken 30 minutes, no more. I got back from the gala and the phi rho meeting at 9. I was in my PJs with teeth brushed and everything at 10. I thought I would get this done quickly and go to bed since I was up late last night. It's 3:42 right now. I just finished debugging my program. It was the stupidest shit too. 

It was taking me so long that I got hungry and had to eat a pop tart. As a result I had to rebrush my teeth. Uhhh. Sometimes CS makes me so mad.

I have to be at the dance studio for ballet in roughly 5 hours. Wish me luck!


  1. Ну, ты даёшь! Ну, что же, поспишь после балета... Удачи!


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