Stan's Donuts

It's beautiful outside today. 79 degrees in Westwood. The Bees came to visit me today. I walked outside in a tank top and realized I forgot to put on sunscreen. I had to turn around and do that as soon as I heard Beth's voice in my head.

We went to Jerry's Deli and Stan's Donuts!
I got a glazed donut with coconut shavings on it. Now, all you coconut haters out there just haven't had good macaroons. By "good" I mean my macaroons. (Or any homemade ones) I wanted to wait to eat it until I got home and got some work done. I didn't get though one problem when I thought to myself, "Donuts are only good fresh, I need to eat it RIGHT NOW." 
I decided to take a picture of my first Stan's donut moment before I wolfed it down. I'm laughing because somebody is making fun of me dropping coconut shavings on the carpet as I was jumping in the chair. 

Our carpet is disgusting. We have an amalgam of three girls' hair all over it. And I insist on picking food up off the floor and eating it even if there is a hair attached to it. (I pull the hair out of my mouth, don't worry.)

OK, I'm going to go scour around for some leftover coconut on the floor.


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