Sunny Sunday

and pancakes!
I ran out of white chocolate chips today. Going to have to raid Sue's pantry next weekend.

I usually burn the last pancake. As soon as I pour out the remaining batter into the pan I turn around and start washing the bowl the batter was in. I relax and space out and start washing my roommates' dishes and completely forget about the pancake until I smell something burning. Very often it goes from the pan straight to the trash. Not today! Check the last one out. It turned out great.

I'm going to Drake's Stadium to check on my Phi Rho Relay for Life team and drop some pancakes off before the First Law of Thermodynamics gets the best of them.

I'm leaving you with a video of two of my most favorite things: J.Crew and Leona Naess.

Sunny Sunday by Leona Naess