I flew with Delta last week. In the two domestic flights we had our own personal TVs that we controlled. It was really cool. The safety video that I mentioned in an earlier post featured this lady! I can't believe I was able to find a picture. I said that she looks like Kylie Minogue, doesn't she?
Anyway, so you could watch basically any TV channel or you can pay for movies {they even had Changeling as an option!} you could switch it to the flight information and progress that was very informative. Did you know that when the plane lands it still goes over 200 mph? That's amazing to me considering how fast the plane comes to a stop. Actually, on all four of the flights the landing was not smooth at all.

So, the best thing about the little TV things was that it had games! You could purchase the game package or you can play a trivia game against other passengers for free! It was so awesome on the flight from Atlanta to LA. I played under the name GOUCLA. It was cool because it tells you what other seats are playing. One was within my sight and he kept turning around and glaring at me. I found that I was really good at History questions. I only missed a couple even though they were kind of hard. Not like citizenship questions. All the other ones were really obscure. I knew none of the Music ones except for when they asked about classical, I missed a lot of science questions. They were so dumb. They would ask stuff like who invented blank. I won one game. I was really proud. Everybody playing was really old and they knew answers to all these Music questions that I couldn't get. If Delta wasn't targeting old people I would totally kick their ass. This guy congratulated me, shook my hand and said "Go UCLA!" as we were exiting the plane. I thought it was an awesome idea.