I Partied on a Wednesday Night

That's right. Today we had our Theta Xi exchange. We met at the frat house at 7, at about 7:30 a yellow school bus took us to Universal City Walk where we went bowling. 
(I am right behind that boy's head. That boy's name is Gannon and we're going rock climbing in Malibu maybe)

I have to say the ride there was much more pleasant than the ride back. People were buzzed on the way there, but on the way back they were just drunk. I learned the drunk college kids' tradition of singing ladi ladi lo. Here is how it goes:

A person gets up and shouts: "Hey, ladi ladi ladi"
Everyone goes: "Ladi ladi lo"
Then the person who started goes again: "Hey, ladi ladi ladi"
Everybody: "Ladi ladi lo"
Then the person shouts: "I know a guy/girl/sister/brother named [insert name]"
Everybody: "Ooooh!"
Then the person shouts some kind of a sexual insult that rhymes with the person's name.
Then everybody goes either "Ooooh!" or "Booooo!" while banging on the ceiling of the bus. On the way back that was followed up with a cheer that went like this, "We don't give a fuck! We don't give a fuck" while banging on the ceiling. Nice comeback, assholes.

There were some good ones and some stupid ones. Here is my personal favorite:
"I know a brother named Pete.
He likes nothing more than to taste his own skeet."

The girls did some pretty nasty ones too. It was funny.

Everybody drank and acted dumb which was to be expected I guess. A bunch of people went back to the house for a pool party after the bus brought us back. It was about 11 o'clock though and I opted to go home instead. I am finally going to bed at a reasonable hour.


  1. Ok, I made this one up as I was brushing my teeth:

    I know a brother named Pete...
    He jacks off with his feet
    In his sleep and then skeets in the sheets.
    Then his poor peepee bleeds
    Cause he never took off his cleats.

  2. Вов, заколебал стихами шпарить! В Контакте всех уже заманал, теперь тут начал! :-)


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