98 degrees?!

What? That is obnoxiously hot. I feel like I'm in a sauna. I have a break between EE discussion and CS lecture every Monday and Wednesday. I checked the pool schedule and decided to go swimming early. It was perfect! Oh, I can't even tell you. I knew two girls at the pool and shared a lane with them. So much fun. They were also kind enough to share their sunscreen with me.
I just got out of class. My hair is a mess. I didn't wear a swim cap today. I'm finishing my cs project so I can be a free soul at the greek week gala tonight. 
I see a mouse in the bushes next to me! It's cute. Aw, it ran away as I was trying to take a picture.

I'm going to see Beth so soon! Time flies.


  1. На второй фотке ты очень красивая!

  2. Это открытый бассейн? Мама завидует тебе вдвойне, если это так.

  3. Yup. It was beautiful out too. Now I have a swimsuit back tan!


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